About Us

"Zodiac-Dragon" is : a Multi-National, Multi-Media, Music & Stage-Production Co-Op .

Imagine The Black-Eyed-Peas meets Cirque Du Soleil, with a touch of LMFAO, Hyper-Crush & Neon Trees, add a pinch of Pharrell Williams & The Beatles - season slightly w/ Calvin Harris, Avicii & Kaskade, and what do you get?  ZODIAC-DRAGON : The world's answer to the new direction of music and show entertainment as never experienced before!

The formula, and those that make up Zodiac Dragon ( Fronts : Carisa M., Billy Jack, Snowman, Back-Line : Offbeat & T-Man, Techs : Blade, Scorpio, Nathan D, Choreographers : Laurie G. & Prince, Designers : Victoria Hart & TS The Beloved) is more complex and diverse than any other group to come along in recent memory. 

The music this project produces is as unique, and edge-cutting, as the musicians, singers, and multi-talented-entertainers that make up it's key membership! Beyond the imagination and scope of anything else to ever hit the industry, this brainchild of the ingenious imagination of Talbot Snow (aka Snowman) is quickly becoming a reality, and taking the music and entertainment industry by enthusiastic storm! We have here an amazing blend of EDM / Techno, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap, and Rock as never attempted before, with new doors continually opening.


This amazing group also has full access to their own state-of-the-art, multimedia recording, video and photography production studios. No other act has ever offered such a diverse blend of musical variety, comedy, nationalities, age-range, and sex appeal, blended with a wonderful balance, finely tuned and tweaked for maximum appeal! Already past their early stages of development, ZD has electrified audiences both on and off the Las Vegas strip.

Now prepare yourself to witness, explore and experience the new meaning, direction and future of music-entertainment; as Zodiac Dragon goes where no other band has gone before!