Billy Jack

Talbot Snow has more titles than will fit on a normal business card. Musician, Producer, Director, Sound Engineer, Photographer, Videographer, Dish-Washer, and the list goes on. So how did he come to wear so many hats?


It comes from a lifetime of being absorbed in art and music. It started when Talbot was a boy, growing up - first in New Zealand, then later, developing his artistic abilities in Las Vegas. During his teenage years, he transitioned from the piano to electronic music and discovered his affinity for electronics and sound equipment.

In the mid 80's, Talbot embarked on a full-time proselyting mission and thought he would have to put his music career on hold. Instead, he found that music helped him communicate with people, and he returned as an even stronger musician, with compositions that were slightly influenced by the Asian and religious cultures he had worked with, while on his mission.

After returning home from his mission, Talbot partnered with a few friends, took out a small loan, and started his first recording studio. Sound Masters of Las Vegas was born, and some of Talbot’s lifelong ambitions were beginning to materialize. Dubbed Sound Masters : Studio One, this first studio was home to Talbot and thousands  of differnt music-projects spanning many years.

Several years later, Talbot started construction on Sound Masters (SMLV) : Studio Two, the current primary location of Sound Masters. The space is large enough to house his entire collection of state-of-the-art and vintage sound equipment, and can accommodate varying musical acts—from a single vocalist to an entire band. At the same time, and after repeated requests from his clients, Talbot expanded his business to include Photography, Video, Graphic and Web Design. Being the gear junkie that he is, Talbot researched extensively for the best cameras and lighting equipment available. After much practice and trial and error, he has become an outstanding photographer and producer of some of the hottest local music videos and commercials around.

But Talbot isn’t finished. His sights have now turned to the next evolution of the Sound Masters space – an entire building filled with multiple studios, a sound stage, even a nightclub. He sees it as a multimedia circus under one roof, where artists can work…and even live. And given that this Kiwi has already progressed from mild-mannered church singer to high school rocker to renowned producer, no one should doubt that he’ll bring his new vision to life.

Becca Marie

Simply one of the best Rap-Artists on the West-Coast, a phenomnal soloist, and now an intergral part of Zodiac-Dragon.


Billy Jack Hewitt aka “Five Star”

An artist of integrity, honor, respect, and intense passion, Billy-Jack  has continued his pursuit of musical excellence since twelve years of age.  With an ongoing drive for what he believes to be his "destiny", he has engaged in a wide variety of  highly-creative music projects across the country.

Billy has also been influenced by his father, who was  a drummer for a rock band in the 80's.

Billy's career has been shaped by certain life-altering experiences, including the death of one of his best friends, at the age of fouteen. Through the experience of that loss, Billy became spiritually curious and questioned the existence of God. After becoming a more focused believer, his faith and testimony began to manifest within the passion of his poetry. Thus, poetry became a form of personal-self-expression. Feeling that he was given a gift, and knowing in his heart, that he was to use his gifts to touch and lift others, Billy has continually used his talents to influence and teach youth about the challenges and temptations that he has overcome.

In 2006, he moved to Las  Vegas to help take care of his grandparents.  They had helped raise him since three years of age.


Billy began fine-tuning his calling for music, as he changed his overall career direction from that of a more selfish, self-glorified artist - to that of a MAN WITH A PURPOSE.  Through the process of starting his own foundation H.O.P.E. ( Helping Our People Evolve) Billy uses his talents to : not only to bless others with a positive inspiring message, but also to reach out and inspire those who are lost. As part of this ongoing effort, Billy donates a portion of his artist-income, to selected charities.

Billy Jack Hewitt aka “Five Star” is a revolutionary, constantly informing fans and followers, through music-performances, about the challenges and deceptions of future events in the world.

Billy-Jack IS a multi-talented professional whise artistry extends acorss multiple genres. He is an artist who speaks and promotes PEACE, LOVE and UNITY.  He is ambitious and believes all good things take time and hopes to help change the world one song at a time.

Becca Marie has enjoyed the stage and the thrill of entertaining since she was a child. She is from Las Vegas and has performed in countless productions and professionally on the Las Vegas Strip.


She continues to perform professionally in Adele Tribute Shows, studio recordings including back-up vocals for bands like  "The KILLERS" and as a Lead Pop Vocalist. The KILLERS newest album "Wonderful Wonderful" features Becca's Backup Vocals in 6 songs. The single "The Man" has reached #1 across the US.


She has studied voice with famed Master Teachers Jeffrey Skouson, Seth Riggs, Spencer Welch and Greg Enriquez for the past decade and continues to study teaching with them as well. She trains vocalists and voice teachers world-wide. 

Legacy Members


Entrepreneur, songwriter and marketing mastermind, Nephi Oliva is the founder and creator of the Humanitarian Music Awards, an annual music awards show that recognizes artists for not only their accomplishments in music but their contributions to humanity.

As the creative force driving the company’s vision, Oliva is renowned for his innovative approach to marketing and his outside-the-box thinking. Proven on projects created for Coca-Cola, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Infinity Broadcasting, Oliva’s marketing prowess continues to have a lasting impact on multiple industries. An entrepreneur at heart, Oliva has also created a number of products that are sold across the country by national retailers, including Wal-Mart and Walgreens.

In 2002, Oliva helped build the marketing and sponsorship infrastructure for the nationally televised World Comedy Festival and Laugh Across America contest. In 2003, he created and produced the LDS Music Festival, which is to date the largest religious pop-concert event ever held in Las Vegas. In 2004, Oliva founded Nevada Pigeon Control, a humane society dedicated to providing humane solutions for citywide pigeon problems. Nevada Pigeon Control is currently the largest pigeon control organization in Nevada and is preparing to launch a national supply

company to allow methods, tools, and formulations created by Oliva to go global. In 2011, Oliva partnered with J-Mac Productions to create the television reality series, the Pigeon Police, which is currently undergoing its second round of editing for A&E.

Oliva is also an accomplished songwriter and composer and is a published author. In 2003, Oliva was invited by Jay Conrad Levinson, renowned marketing expert and author of the Guerrilla Marketing Series, to co-author a book on the power of music and marketing.


Born in Pensacola, Florida, Katherine Leigh aka Liberty, has known since her youth - that entertainment was going to be one of the major callings in her life. Almost from the beginning, she has been constantly involved in the entertainment community; specifically music and theater. 


In her youth, she spent several summers attending performing-arts schools, where she focused on : comedy, drama, mime, and musical theater.  She also studied styles of dance including : salsa, swing, modern, jazz, tap, and her favorite : vaious African dance forms.

After moving to Las Vegas, she found additional success within the industry - performing in her own show and company as DJ Kandy.

She has performed at local venues, corporate functions, is assistant to the award winning magician Garin Bader, models for some of the top Conventions including the ADA and APA, performs in “MJ Live” at the Rio Hotel and Casino, stars as McKenzie in “The 80’s” musical at Planet Hollywood’s V Theater, and is a headline singer in Zodiac Dragon.

Kate has had acting and vocal roles under several directors and has performed in a wide variety of theatrical productions and shows - including : Hair, Snow White, George M., and many others.

Katherine has been in hit television programs such as :  "Millionaire Matchmaker", and "Rules of Engagement", as well as motion pictures including "Now You See Me."


In her free time, she enjoys traveling and working on furthering her career through : songwriting, practicing magic, juggling, and puppetry.


 Damiana is : a young / talented musician, a visual-performer,  and a dancing queen; always striving to move an audience - on stage and in front of the camera!

In school, she studied musical-icons - more than books. Her main influences have included : Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Madonna and her own mother : Ruchelle Stuart.

Damiana has been dancing since she could walk.  She learned a variety of dance-routines with the help of choreographers, and by teaching herself through meticulously studying and emulating popular music-videos of the day. 

She has grown up singing next to her multi-talented mother : recording artist : Ruchelle Stuart. Those experiences saw her singing in recording-studios, small bars, and other venues.

With a little time spent in formal vocal lessons, enough to learn the basics, she has grown through experience, and the influence of peers and collaborators.

Damiana has also played several different musical instruments : learning horns in school, and taking private lessons for both piano and guitar. However, drums / percussion have always been her instrument of choice - since banging away on her first kit at age 4.

Writing music has always been a part of her life. She started professionally writing and recording, at 17 years of age - with Sound Masters of Las Vegas, alongside successful and talented Music-Producer :  Talbot Snow.  That same year she stepped out to publicly perform solo projects on stage.

After a handful of solo projects, she joined the multimedia EDM-Pop group Zodiac Dragon - through which she has been able to collaborate and push herself further.


Carisa Marinucci loves to sing and perform!  She says that's exactly what she was always meant to do! Anyone fortunate enough to see her sultry dance moves, hear her incredible vocal range, or simply admire her beauty, is easily convinced that she brings something very special to any song she sings on, or to any stage that she perfroms on. 


A native of Las Vegas, she has been classically trained from the age of two in ballet, jazz, tap, modern and lyrical styles. She graduated from The London Dance Academy, and then attended UNLV where she took hip hop classes to broaden her scope even more.


At the early age of twelve, she began taking vocal lessons, thus beginning the fulfillment of a dream she had since early childhood. Inspired by the likes of  TLC and Whitney Houston, Carisa (along with her friends) would dress up in sheets to reenact TLC's "Waterfalls" music video. She would also record music videos from MTV onto VHS tapes and watch them over and over.   


Carisa spent thirteen years training under Vocal-Coach Gina Joyce, during which time she became good friends  with Gina and her husband, Vinnie Martano.   Vinnie became a father-figure as well as an accompanist in the shows that Carisa performed in, and he also played a major role in her singing development.

Later, Carisa would become more familiar with other genres of music, by joining groups like "Sister Swing" who performed in different clubs throughout the Vegas area including "The Spotlight." If that wasn't enough she also performed in musical theatre in high school and Jade Productions Community Theatre.  She has also done extra work in movies such as "Last Vegas."


To round things off, she is also (not surprisingly) a successful model as well, working for Pinups for Patriots, as well as MzMina Kahn Inc. where she has modeled in ARTrageous at the Cosmopolitan and  Pinup Rendezvous fashion shows. As a member of Zodiac Dragon, Carisa has stepped up in a big way and has helped to bring the group and its live shows to a whole new level!


Rich Friedland began his show-biz career in high school when he formed his first band, "The Friday Knights." Starting as a percussionist, he gradually slowly evolved into a bass-player, and then a vocalist. This continued with his later bands "Zeus" and "Best of Both Worlds." He advanced into writing and recording original songs with various musicians throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, with hopes of one day recording his own album.


Not being satisfied with just one form of entertainment, he dabbled in comedy and magic as a mad scientist in his "Magical Marvels of Professor Quay" show. All the while he was publishing his bi-monthly Beatles magazine/newsletter, "The Inner Light" where he had subscribers from across the United States, as well as several other countries.

Karaoke followed with his "Sing Along With Rich Show" from 1990-1997 which was one of the most well-known in The Bay Area. He later was picked among thousands to compete in the nationally sydicated TV show, "Karaoke Showcase", then later directed the "Karaoke Music Awards" with Father Guido Sarducci, of SNL, for two years.

He decided to take his career up a notch by moving to Las Vegas to pursue his dream of being a game show emcee. After personally designing and building all of the stage-props, he produced and hosted "The Fame Game Show" ( as Red Harris throughout Las Vegas - a show which continues to this day.

In 2000, he joined the Las Vegas Media Group, where he was asked to be the monthly luncheon host.  Many of Las Vegas' premiere photographers, writers, political figures and entertainers attend this monthly event.

Friedland has also tried his hand at sketch comedy in Las Vegas' comedy troupe, "Wasteland." He has also recorded four entire albums (CD's) of his own original music.


In 2011 he created "Jerk Prankers" ( which is the world's only live-on-stage prank-telephone-call show. 2012 proved to be a year of yet more growth as he was honored to join Zodiac Dragon as OffBeat, a songwriter/keyboardist.


  Jed Boyd was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He began singing at the young age of 8 years old - starting in a children's chorus, where he performed in a variety of Church events (meetings, socials), as well as for friends and family gatherings alike.

Jed participated in several advanced school-choirs for all 4 years of his high school attendance.  He participated in men's groups and special performances.

After high-school, he was quickly accepted into the prestigious Desert Choral choir program.  Thereafter, he sang with the Southern Nevada Musical Arts Society under the direction of Doug Peterson.

Currently, Jed is  performing with "The Old School Show" at the M Resort and the Hard Rock Cafe.  He is also, currently, an integral part of Zodiac-Dragon, bringing his stunning vocal flair to the high-powered music-productions of that project.

Jed loves to sing!  It is his passion, his hobby, his job, and he can't see himself doing anything else!

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